With so many commercial lenders and each with their own niches and ways of processing a loan, brokers, loan officers or managers who are unfamiliar with commercial lending either shy away from taking on a client or take on the client and don’t handle the situation most effectively. This can be a profit losing strategy, and in todays market every dollar counts.
Royal Capital Group offers direct financing under select loan programs under both the residential and commercial headings. It is important that brokers choosing to work with us understand that any fee negoitated with clients, and that fits within the lending guidelines, will be honored and protected. The sourcing broker will be noted as the broker of record and will responsible for any dispersements required as a result of strategic relationships that assisted in procurement of the loan.

Our philosophy maintains and continues to achieve its success based on 3 keys:

  • Our dedication to our work
  • Providing excellent service
  • An array of capital relationships that take years of experience to obtain

As we mentioned before; no deal works the same but we decided to put some basic parameters in place in order for any co-broker partnering with RCG to be able to provide clear and concise service to your clients.

A brief description of some steps in the process:
RCG is completely open to reviewing and executing a Non-Circumvention/Non-Disclosure agreement form (NCND). We will typically engage the broker as an independent contractor for the specific loan request, along with a fee agreement that spells out exactly the terms of the client paid broker fees will be paid. This assures that you will be protected not only with your client, but also with RCG for any portion of the closing fee as agreed upon in advance. The broker contract is issued by Royal Capital Group®.

We have two basic templates that we use as a platform when co brokering. As each deal is unique and will require different sets of knowledge, experience and relationships, details of fees can be agreed upon over a personal call. We look forward to building a relationship and helping you increase your bottom line.

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