Foreign national loan program C offers a streamlined & expedited process of obtaining an international mortgage loan for real estate investment or cash-out.

    Property Types – Single Family and Condominium (Condo reduce LTV by 5%) –
    Occupancy – 2nd Home, vacation home, home-to-let or Investment property
    Loan Amounts – $200,000 to $5M
    Loan Purpose – Purchase & R/T, Cash out refinance – OK!
    Loan to Values – (LTV)
    – 70% LTV (purchase) –
    – 50% LTV for cash out loan requests
    * New construction condominiums or Town homes have a maximum LTV of 65%

    1. 1003 application
    2. Income and Employment
    – Self Employed
    I. CPA/Accountant letter verifying income for the last 2 years + yr to date
    – Salaried
    I. Letter from Employer or most recent pay stub
    3. Credit –
    – 1 letter of reference from banking or financial institution showing at least 24 months relationship and status of relationship
    – International Credit report required by foreign borrower orignating from – United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada
    4. Purchase Sales contract
    5. Reserve requirements are 24 months of principal, interest payments and property taxes and insurance ( HOA if applicable)
    6. Mortgage verification (if applicable) – including statements for other owned properties
    7. Copy of leases for all rental & income producing properties.
    8. Copy of passport

     Backend qualifying ratio cannot exceed 40%
     Max seller contribution allowed is 6%
     New condominiums must be 50% closed
     Corporate Title acceptable (shell corps ineligible)
     No Escrow Waivers allowed
     Financing Available in Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm beach and Monroe Counties and Naples, Marco Island, Bonita Springs, Bonita Island, Stuart, Jupiter Island & Vero Beach
     All loan must establish an ACH auto debit account with the bank
     Prepayment penalties are:
    – 3% – Yr 1,
    – 2% – Yr 2,
    – 1% – Yr 3
     Cash to close and reserves must be in a US bank
     No CLTV allowed
     Maximum Broker & Lender Fee paid cannot exceed 5%.

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