Merchant Services by RCG

Royal Capital Group in alliance with Merchant Data Systems (Also referred to as Elite processing solutions) offers a nationwide credit card processing network that operates through our processing bank Wells Fargo to provide merchants with reliable processing and banking services bundled in one service exclusively offered to our customers. We have become one of the most competitive credit card processing companies in the industry now offering direct deposit within 24 hours.

We offer merchant account services for retail, restaurant, kiosk, wireless, home based, mail / phone order, internet, tobacco, pharmaceuticals, electronics and website processing on a global level. We are able to support your internet based sales and transactions. We support a variety of technololgy terminals for merchant accounts and can reprogram your existing machine without a setup cost.

Our services include extensive experience in merchant services, infrastructure planning and equipment deployment. We are able to provide our clients with fast and reliable financial services, superior customer support and overall guaranteed cost savings.

Businesses can now accept all payment types and process transactions the preferred way; in real-time or deferred processing, both quickly and securely. As a agent of Merchant Data Services, a registered Well Fargo service provider for Visa, MasterCard and Discover credit cards, we provide a wealth of credit card processing services, we also have a variety of customized solutions to fit any businesses requirements. By providing a wide array of terminal and software options, we are able to devise a program best suited to your business needs. By utilizing several authorization and capture networks, Merchant Data Services also accommodates existing point-of-sale systems with ease. A pioneer in the industry, with unsurpassed service and technologies, MDS will give you cornerstone support to reinforce your foundation.

What are the benefits of working with RCG?

  • Significant savings on credit card processing charges
  • Increase your BOTTOM LINE INCOME!
  • Reliable, easy to use web interface to help manage income from your credit cards and debit cards
  • No set up cost
  • Free Wireless and hard line terminals (for qualifying accounts)
  • Free Terminal reprogramming
  • Cash Advance (for qualifying accounts)
  • Point of Sale system available or free program for easy integration with our processing service.

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